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A Presentation - JMI
Sun Dec 24, 4:00 PM
Akarsh Sriramoju
Hello everyone, as we know, it's been 76 years since independence, but our Vision for our country, inscribed in our constitution, is still a distant dream. Our preamble emphasizes social justice, economic justice, and political justice, and due to the changing circumstances, it became a mandate to practice environmental justice to protect our earth. Therefore, we believe that upholding these four justice principles is crucial for becoming a progressive nation. Understanding this Vision, we - a group of responsible citizens, have started the "Justice Movement of India." It is a long-term movement aimed at bringing citizens, activists, experts, NGOs, Civil society organizations, and intellectuals together for the sake of our Nation's progress. We are organizing " A Presentation" on 24th December from 4 pm to 6:30 pm, and we request you to attend to discuss and define the "Change" we want in India.

The presentation will take place in ( English and Telugu ) .

Website: https://justicemovementofindia.org/

Thanks Akarsh Sriramoju
(Educational Psychologist)
JMI- Organizer