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Hyderabad Climate Justice Accord
Fri Jan 26, 3:00 PM
Akarsh Sriramoju
Dear all,

Join us for the "Hyderabad Climate Justice Accord," a crucial event hosted by the 'Justice Movement of India' and 'Climate Front Hyderabad.' This collaborative initiative aims to address and solve urgent environmental challenges in our city.

The event will kick off with a thorough discussion on Hyderabad's most pressing environmental issues, followed by proposing holistic solutions in three key areas:

1. Personal Solutions: Actionable steps for individuals to integrate into their daily lives for environmental sustainability.

2. Organizational/Industrial Solutions: Tailored measures for industries to align their operations with environmental conservation.

3. Governmental Solutions: Recommendations for authorities to implement policies addressing root causes and promoting long-term sustainability.

Our goal is not only to identify challenges but to collectively develop a roadmap for a sustainable and climate-resilient future for Hyderabad. The event fosters collaboration across personal, industrial, and governmental levels, striving to be a catalyst for positive change and a model for effective environmental stewardship.

Presentation/dialogue will be in English and Telugu.

Visit our website: https://justicemovementofindia.org/

Best regards,
Akarsh Sriramoju - Educational Psychologist,
National Organizer,
Justice Movement of India

Ruchith Asha Kamal- Climate Activist
Deputy Director
Climate Front India