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Terminal 3
Fri Apr 5, 8:00 PM
Dr. Surendra Singh Negi
Terminal 3

Ana Strejilevich and Madan Laal, two old friends, accidentally meet at an airport. As they chat about their past, present and probable future, we discover how COVID-19 has reshaped the modern world. Originally written in Hindi, English and Spanish by Dr. Surendra Singh Negi, Terminal 3 is essentially a story of ordinary people during extraordinary times. The relatable characters portrayed on stage look like our next-door-neighbours or people that we often come across on the streets. The play, in an unpretentious attempt, portrays the post-pandemic world without offering any readymade solutions or answers.

Aditi Khandelwal
Ashish Kumar
Manish Negi
Meghna Samanta
Muhnisa Sulthana
Rashad K V
Shambhavi Shandilya
Shreya Kumari
Skanda Tellam
Suma Florence

Ticket: Rs. 200/- per person!