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Honeymoon Hungama & Hawalaat
Sun Jan 28, 8:00 PM
Kajol Dubey

Kissago presents 2 short plays.
1. Honeymoon Hungama - A Telugu short play
Newlyweds Manu and Krishna embark on their dream honeymoon, booking a supposedly luxurious hotel. However, their romantic escapade takes an unexpected turn when every attempt to get close is hilariously thwarted by a parade of eccentric hotel staff and peculiar guests.
2. Hawalat

"Hawalalat" Written By Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena, revolves around the story of three youth who have no place since nobody was ready to offer them the shelter and they thought it proper to have the same in a police lock-up. For this they approached a police cop as criminals. In the beginning the cop is not ready to believe in them and asks them to establish their credentials by demonstrating their expertise and past accomplishments in the word of crime.