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World Puppetry Day Celebrations
Thu Mar 21, 6:30 PM
World Puppetry Day 2024. This is celebration of the art of Puppetry which is done all over the world.
'Lucharam' A puppet show will be performed by the Nori Art and Puppetry Centre
A Panchatantra Tale
Adapted from the original ‘Frogs and the serpent’
The origin of the Panchatantra and the importance of Vishnu Sharma as a story-teller is highlighted. Froggistan is the land of frogs where the proud king Maindak Singh happily rules … till Lucharam , the serpent and natural enemy of these frogs comes along and decides to settle down amongst them,disrupting their happiness .How he cunningly plans to make the frogs his prey by boosting the ego of the royal family, and how the frogs in turn use their intelligence to get rid of the greedy serpent forms the basis for this puppet play. The story , in turn activates the intellect of the three stupid princes of King Sudersana who are much wiser afterwards.
From time immemorial stories have been used to educate children in an entertaining way ,making it possible to learn naturally .Even today children can learn and be entertained by this puppet play.
A Forty-minute bilingual production in English with songs in Hindi and slokas in Sanskrit. Lucharam has travelled all over the country and been received with great enthusiasm by the audience and the press.
The puppets used in this play are Rod , glove and mouth puppets and masks