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Laali Chhaaye Rahi Hai
Sat Mar 2, 8:00 PM
LAALI CHHAAYE RAHI HAI - A performance of the hori theme in thumri by Vidya Rao

Vidya Rao, the award-winning thumri maestro, will present some hori bandishes in the traditional thumri gayaki.

A large part of the thumri repertoire draws from calendrical rituals and the cycle of the seasons. The 40 days from Basant Panchami (this year on 14 February) to Holi (on 25 March) are marked by the singing of thumri, dadra, and songs derived from folk music that focus on the theme of holi, colour and spring. These bandishes draw from the Ganga-Jamuna traditions of both Sufi and Vaishnavi poetry, sung now in the bol-banao style of the courtly, romantic, poorabi thumri.

The artists
Vidya Rao is a singer of poorab-ang thumri and allied forms. She is the disciple of Vidushis Naina Devi, Shanti Hiranand, and Girija Devi. She also writes on music and the performing arts.
Shanti Bhushan Jha, tabla nawaz, is a much sought-after accompanist and a senior shagird of Ustad Akram Khan of Ajrara Gharana. He teaches at Delhi University’s Music Faculty.
Ashique Kumar, on harmonium, is also a vocalist and the disciple of Pandit L K Pandit of Gwalior gharana. He is a professor at the Faculty of Music, Delhi University.

Shanti Swaroop on tanpura and vocal support, is a Hyderabad-based singer. A disciple of Vidushi N Rajam (violin), he is also trained in vocal khayal gayaki of Agra Gharana.

This event is part of Lamakaan’s 14th Annual Celebrations!