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Zikr uss Parivash ka
Sun Mar 3, 8:00 PM
Zikr uss Parivash ka, aur phir bayan apna
A Talk by Sanjiv Saraf

Sanjiv Saraf, founder Rekhta, speaks about his translations of Urdu poetry and the love of Urdu that created Rekhta.

Sanjiv Saraf is a notable figure in Urdu literature and culture, particularly renowned for his efforts to promote and preserve the Urdu language's rich heritage. As the founder of Rekhta.org, he has played a pivotal role in creating a digital platform that serves as a comprehensive repository of Urdu poetry, literature, and cultural resources.

In addition to his contributions through Rekhta.org, Sanjiv Saraf is also an accomplished author and scholar. His latest book on Ghalib, titled "Andaz e Bayan Aur - Mirza Ghalib's 100 Selected Ghazals," is a testament to his profound understanding and appreciation of Mirza Ghalib's timeless poetry and legacy.

Sanjiv Saraf will talk about his latest book and shed light on the nuances of writing about Ghalib. one of the most revered and influential poets in the Urdu literary tradition.

This event is part of Lamakaan’s 14th Annual Celebrations!