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Sun Jun 30, 8:00 PM
Jibanananda Das (1899–1954), who is
reckoned by many as the most influential figure of the post-Tagorean era in the
Bengali literary world, played a leading role in introducing modernist elements in
Bengali poetry. His unorthodox poetic style, language, and images drawn
equally from mythology, history, and everyday life, though at first received unfavourable
opinions from the critics, in due course proved to exercise tremendous influence both on
the readers and the emerging poets. Today he is placed among the most significant poets
ever born in Bengal. The modern American scholar of Bengali language and literature,
Clinton B. Seely, has called Das “Bengal’s most cherished poet since Rabindranath
Tagore” (Seely, A Poet Apart 9).Shudrka Hyderabad celebrates his 125th birth anniversary year through a Bengali play written and directed by Swapan Mondal.