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Sat Mar 9, 8:00 PM


Event Type: Play
Description: SOHAM THEATRE PRESENTS TWO MARATHI SHORT PLAYS AGA AGA SUNBAI ! KAY MHANTA SASUBAI? & NATAK BASTE AAHE AGA AGA SUNBAI ! KAY MHANTA SASUBAI ? - THE STORY OF EVOLUTION OF RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MOTHER IN LAW AND DAUGHTER IN LAW OVER PERIOD OF TIME. THE STORY UNFOLDS IN THE 5 SHORT SEGMENTS OF MOTHER IN LAW AND DAUGHTER IN LAW STARTING FROM 19TH CENTUARY TO 21 CENTUARY. METOMORPHOSIS OF TREATMENT OF ONE LADY (MOTHER IN LAW) TOWARDS ANOTHER (LADY DAUGHTER IN LAW) & VICE VERSA.HOW DAUGHTER IN LAW TAKES THE BATON OF DOMINANCE FROM MOTHER IN LAW OVER A PERIOD OF TIME AND THEN HOW BOTH TOGETHER ENDS UP HAVING CORDIAL RELATION WITH EACH OTHER. BLEND OF DOMINANCE, COWARDNESS, SUBDUEDNESS, COURAGE, TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, HAPPINESS,SADNESS, MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING, LOVE & RESPECT. ITS A LESSION & REFLECTION OF SOCIETY. NATAK BASTE AAHE This One Act Play is all about the backstage Artists who are in the process of setting up the stage for the final rehearsals. While so, suddenly the curtain gets unveiled and the backstage artist goes beserk as finds himself onstage. Thereafter the others artists follow the suits and as the story progress, only the director and the actress ends up attending the final rehearsal. Meanwhile the producer & the financer who attends to witness the rehearsal ends up in a haplessly situation. The whole play has the gamut of “Roller Coaster of Laughter Ride” of the backstage artists visible on the stage during the final rehersal. Perhaps the title of the play itself explains that play is in the process of final product…. Try to figure it out what happens in the climax. Does all the artist of the play attend the Grand Rehearsal or back Stage Artist themselves ends up donning the proxy role.