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Her Name Was Sita
Thu Mar 21, 7:30 PM
Dhannya V Sasi , University of Edinburgh
Who is a good woman? A young Nepali woman asks this question to herself, school children, university students, sociologists, anthropologists, and medical doctors. Her exploration leads her to understand that in some situations, female suicide is believed to be a response to socially accepted oppression and abuse, which women are subjected to in their families and communities. She discovers that, in low and middle-income countries particularly, suicide is not always a mental health problem. It is a layered issue that can overlap between mental distress caused by stressful situations, conflict, grief, and mental health problems.
In Nepal, suicide is the single leading cause of death among women of reproductive age. It is a serious but neglected public health problem. Research shows that adolescents, youths, and females are the most vulnerable population to die by suicide.
Her Name Was Sita is dedicated to a 16-year-old girl who died trying to prove she was worthy of love.

*WARNING: This event will discuss suicide and self-harm that some people may find upsetting. It is not suitable for younger audiences

Join us for a screening of Her Name Was Sita, a short documentary exploring the concept of a virtuous woman and how shame and honor can lead to self-harm and suicide in South Asia. A panel discussion with public health researchers will follow the screening.