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Remembering Rainer W Fassbinder
Wed May 22, 7:00 PM
In the hottest month of summer, May, Lamakaan brings you a cool breeze of retro films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, considered to be a catalyst of the New German Cinema Movement.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder (German: [ˈʁaɪnɐ ˈvɛʁnɐ ˈfasbɪndɐ] ⓘ; 31 May 1945 – 10 June 1982), sometimes credited as R. W. Fassbinder,[1] was a German filmmaker, actor, and dramatist. He is widely regarded as one of the major figures and catalysts of the New German Cinema movement. Versatile and prolific, his over 40 films span a variety of genres, most frequently blending elements of Hollywood melodrama with social criticism and avant-garde techniques. His films, according to him, explored "the exploitability of feelings". His work was deeply rooted in post-war German culture: the aftermath of Nazism, the German economic miracle, and the terror of the Red Army Faction. He worked with a company of actors and technicians who frequently appeared in his projects.

Film Title: THE MERCHANT OF FOUR SEASONS | 1972 | 88 Mins | Germany| German Language with English Subtitles

About the film: The Merchant of Four Seasons (German: Händler der vier Jahreszeiten) is a 1972 West German film written and directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, starring Hans Hirschmüller [de] and Irm Hermann. The plot follows the life of a fruit-peddler, living in 1950s Munich, who is driven over the edge by an uncaring society.

The title derives from the French expression for a fruit and vegetable seller, un marchand des quatre-saisons. The film explores issues of class prejudices, domestic violence, infidelity, family discord, depression and self-destructive behavior..

Screening followed by Discussion. All are Welcome. Entry is Free & Open to all!