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Zuhur's Daughters
Tue Jun 11, 7:00 PM
Goethe - Zentrum Hyderabad & Lamakaan
"Zuhur's Daughters," directed by Laurentia Genske and Robin Humboldt, provides an intimate portrayal of a Palestinian family's life in Gaza. Through the directors' lens, viewers witness the daily struggles and moments of resilience experienced by Zuhur and her daughters Samar and Lohan amidst the region's socio-political challenges.

The documentary captures their journey from mundane routines to profound aspirations, highlighting themes of family, identity, and the pursuit of dreams. But in general it follows Lohan and Samar, who were born as Zuhur's sons but have identified as women since puberty. Through intimate interviews and captivating cinematography, Genske and Humboldt skillfully unveil universal human experiences. The film transcends its specific setting, encouraging viewers to challenge their perceptions and offering a nuanced perspective on life in Gaza. Ultimately, "Zuhur's Daughters" is a powerful testament to the human spirit's endurance and ability to thrive amidst adversity, fostering a deeper understanding of shared human experiences.