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Urdu Shayari ki Jamaliyat
Wed Jun 12, 6:30 PM
Bazm e sukhan
Allama Aijaz Farrukh is an eminent historian and scholar. Allama Ejaz Farrukh has been writing his widely read column in the Siasat daily for more than forty years. His unique writing and speaking style is widely admired and respected. "Murraqaye Hyderabad" is the first of his masterpieces which encapsulates the history of Hyderabad. This history is not only the history of Kingdom but the breathing history of human beings where every moment speaks. Allama's collection also has many pictures of ancient Hyderabad that embellish the text. Allama provides the means to convey the culture capital of centuries to the new generation. His previous books Hyderabad Shahr Nigaran and Glimses of Hyderabad were released by the Vice President Hamid Ansari Sahib who came to Hyderabad specifically for these. Khama Khoon Chukaan Apna ,Aksey Hyderabad ,Muttabaqe Asafia part 1 and Part II were all sold out within two months of their publication. Allama Farrukh will speak to us on the 12th of June, 2024. Prof Humera Sayeed will coordinate and curate the event