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Urban Informality
Tue Jun 11, 5:00 PM
Lamakaan and Hyderabad Urban Lab
Book Discussion: Urban Informality and the Built Environment
Organiser: Hyderabad Urban Lab

Description: For nearly 50 years, the idea of 'informality' shaped our imagination of cities in India and other countries like India. Informality is often understood as illegal and inefficient. A good city and a good economy is one without informality. In this book discussion, Nikhilesh Sinha, Urban Informality and the Built Environment, shares his own intellectual journey through his PhD research in Hyderabad to networking with PhD scholars working on informality elsehwere in the world to the publication of the book. The book presents in the main, insights from doctoral research by young scholars from multiple sites. In conversation with Dr. Nikhilesh SInha would be the Director of Hyderabad Urban Lab, Dr. Anant Maringanti

Nikhilesh Sinha is currently Professor of Economics & Finance and Chair of Research Ethics at Hult International Business School, London and in more ways than one, an old Hyderabadi. His research began more than ten years ago as an exploration into the nature of relationships between landlords and tenants in two low income neighborhoods in Hyderabad