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Whither Fascism?
Sat Jun 22, 2:00 PM
In Defense of Reason
After the electoral setback of the fascist forces in the Loksabha elections, many had hoped that fascism would be less aggressive and the attacks on civil and democratic rights would come to halt. However, the preparation to prosecute author Arundhati Roy and Kashmir-based academic Sheikh Showkat Hussain under the UAPA indicates that such hopes are misplaced. Under these new circumstances it’s important to understand what is going to be the strategy of fascism in Modi 3.0 regime. The history bears enough testimony to the fact that fascists are more aggressive in the aftermath of electoral setbacks. Any strategy of anti-fascist resistance must take this into account. In this context we are organising this discussion. We invite all the justice-loving people of Hyderabad to participate in this important discussion.