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Creative city&desirable developm
Thu Oct 10, 6:00 PM
Govt. of Telangana, Industries & Commerce Dept
Justine Rouger (FCBA) and Yvan Detraz (Bruit du Frigo) will present 45 minute talks each with slides.
Yvan Detraz is a French architect, Director of Bruit du Frigo.
Bruit du Frigo (Fridge noise) was founded in 1997. The collective is composed by a permanent group of artists, architects, urbanists, photographers and a flexible collaboration with various professionals and inhabitants, depending on the type of project. It is a hybrid between an urban planning practice, a creative collective and a popular education structure dedicated to the study and intervention at city and territory level through participatory, artistic and cultural initiatives.
Its aim is to study the quality of the environment in its broadest sense: not just its architecture, townscape, ecology or landscape, but its perception as a cultural experience. It also improves singular and particular procedures that have the capacity to bring about change. The result is intended to be the provision of an educational experience that is accessible to all, the offer of an effective mediation service and the encouragement of cultural and artistic innovation.
Topic of the intervention will be: “Creative city and desirable development”
 Can a transitional urbanism be imagined as an alternative to the a well-planned, meant to last urban design?
 An urbanism of prefiguration toward new possible
 An urbanism revealing the potential poetry and usage of premises
 A permissive urbanism based on light and reversible interventions to give a real place to collective appropriation initiatives
 A urbanism to fight against public space impoverishment and self-withdrawal by inventing stimulating, desirable common spaces