The Wire Dialogues

The Wire Dialogues
2.0 hrs

March 22, 2019 7:30 pm Friday

The Wire Dialogues — Media and Social Media in an Age of Intolerance

Individuals — and particularly women – who believe in a secular, democratic and inclusive India and express it through their work and social media posts often fund themselves being targeted, harassed, shamed and cornered on social media. Not only does this result in a narrowing of already shrinking public spaces for women with ‘unpopular’ views but it also forces their invisibilisation. The problem is compounded by a major section of the mainstream media also adopting a stridently intolerant position on many issues. What can we do to rescue the possibility of debate and diversity in the media and social media? Is there any role for the law or of official guidelines? Or are those a double-edged sword?

Panelists:- Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Faizan Mustafa, Swati Vadlamdui, Nitya Ramakrishnan and Rohini Singh — In Conversation with Chandana Chakrabarti.

Join our panel for a discussion on this crucial topic of our times, open for all.

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