SaiNe Nrityalaya


SaiNe Nrityalaya
1.5 hrs

June 16, 2019 6:00 pm Sunday


Takita Takita Takita Taam Takita Takita Takita Taam…. Story time, its story time….. SaiNe Nrityalaya presents Story telling through Dance (Bharatanatyam) Narrating stories and keeping the aesthetics of the dance form Bharatanatyam grounded to imbibe in each person the love and value towards the art form through the innovative way of story telling.

Neha Singh

Neha Singh is a Hyderabad based Bharatanatyam artist. She has received her training in Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Guru Shri V.S.Ramamoorthy and Guru Smt. Manjula Ramaswamy at Sri Rama Nataka Niketan. Other than the Master degree in Business Administration, Neha holds a Master degree in Bharatanatyam from the University of Hyderabad under the guidance of Guru Shri Pasumarthy Ramalinga Sastry. Neha is the founder of the dance institute SaiNe Nrityalaya-Secunderabad, where she imparts the knowledge of Bharatanatyam to the younger generation.

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