Urban Parallax Book Introduction, Kommuneity Weekend

Urban Parallax Book Introduction
October 14, 2018 11:30 am Sunday.

Urban Parallax, a slim, accessible book brings together over a dozen reflections on India’s urbanization from some of the most committed and passionate urbanists in contemporary India. Dr. Amita Bhide and Dr. Himanshu Burte (both from the Centre for Urban Policy and Governance, TISS, Mumbai) editors of the book will introduce the thinking behind the book. The meeting will be chaired by Dr. Sheela Prasad, University of Hyderabad.

Kommune, Bring Kommune to your city.
 October 13th Saturday & 14th Sunday, 2018 1:00 pm.

Kommune, Workshop + Story Slam.
October 13th Saturday 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM &

14th Sunday 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM 2018 1:00 pm.

Bring Kommune to your city: Through the years, we’ve had festivals, story slams, made memories and experiences throughout the country. But we’ve faltered—see, the Kommune team is based primarily in Mumbai, and we sometimes forget that the Kommuneity is nationwide. So we’ve decided to launch a city plan that has Kommune visiting different parts of the country, looking for stories and talent throughout. We’re also looking to start city chapters, tiny pockets of the Kommuneity who love the performing arts as much as we do and would like to volunteer with us. And Hyderabad, with your food, stories, and history, we couldn’t help but keep you on our list. So join us as we discuss bringing storytelling to a city seeped in them, the performing arts to a city that was defined the word ‘art’ for so many of us. Hyderabad, help us turn the Kommuneity into a beautiful revolution.

Kommuneity Weekend: Kommuneity – we’ve had workshops, and we’ve had story slams. Our workshops have you walking in with words and walking out with stories – stories you never knew existed, stories you never thought were worth sharing. Our story slams are what unique Sundays are made of, complete with tellers breaking down their walls and finding support in strangers who look a lot less strange by the end of the evening. Both events however, define the Kommuneity for us. So we decided to combine the two to give you a weekend with all things Kommune, a weekend you’ll want to repeat again and again. Welcome to the Hyderabad edition of the Kommuneity weekend, where we marry the beauty of learning with the promise of growing.

So Hyderabad, we come to you with a Saturday of learning in the workshop, followed by a Sunday of using everything you’ve learned in the story slam. The theme for this story slam is ‘Taste’ – from food to memories, tell us about your favourite taste. Tell us if sadness tastes like your mother’s food gone cold or if happiness tastes like a the rain after months of waiting. In a city that loves food, tell us a bit about your swaad.

Participants will receive complimentary writing material. After all, what’s a writer without a book? So join Kommune as they create, captivate, and collaborate at this Kommuneity weekend!

Artists for both: Anuj Gurwara & Roshan Abbas

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