November 24, 2018 4:00 pm Saturday.

Language: Hindi Starring: Sajeel Parakh, Saurabh Shukla Director: Virendra Saini

Eight-year-old Robin is a math wiz. His flair for numbers has earned him the admiration of his whole village, and the young boy, too, uses his talent to help the villagers in their everyday calculations.

Set in a quaint Goan village, Kabhi Paas, Kabhi Fail, begins by introducing Robin’s (Parakh) happy little world and its many inhabitants. His parents are nurturing and appreciative of his skills, his dog Koko is his constant companion and confidante. We also meet an enthusiastic shop owner, an affectionate washerwoman, a genial priest — each one, Robin’s friend and well-wisher.

Robin’s blissful life is threatened with the arrival of his unscrupulous uncle, Joe (Shukla). Joe coaxes Robin’s parents to send the boy to the city with him for better education. His true intention however is to make money off Robin’s extraordinary mind.

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