Telangana Elections: What Happened and What Did Not ?

January 05, 2019 2:00 pm Saturday

Telangana Elections: What Happened and What Did Not?

In the recently concluded Telangana elections, while mainstream media was unmindful of the contest and electoral debacle of a large number of candidates from the marginalized communities, it was also caught unawares by the thumping majority of the ruling TRS party. As soon as the Telangana Assembly elections were announced, many political pundits from the two Telugu states and outside, predicted the success of some candidates from the marginalized communities who had given voice to the victims of KCR’s rule in Telangana. They also predicted the electoral debacle of the ruling TRS party under the leadership of KCR and his family members. Contrary to these predictions, the voices of the people of  Telangana were defeated in the electoral battle-field while the TRS won the elections with a thumping majority.  How did the TRS win? What has been its electoral strategies in the game of electioneering? Why did candidates from the marginalized take to the ballot battle in the first place and why did they miserably fail?

Come and hear What Happened and What Did Not Happen in the Telangana elections from the electoral contestants themselves at Lamakaan on 05 Jan.  Speakers:- Prof. Sujatha Surepally Dr. Jilukara Srinivas Mr Ibram Shekar Dr Emmadi Kiran Mr Goji Dayakar  Mr Chandrasekhar Mr Dunna Ambedkar Ms Komali and  Ms Mercy Margaret and others.

Time: 2-5 PM All are welcome

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