Tridhara – Odissi Dance

Tridhara – Odissi Dance
March 12, 2019 7:00 pm Tuesday

As part of Lamakaan’s 9th anniversary celebrations,

Tridhara – Odissi Dance by Dr. Gajendra Panda and his disciples.

Tridhara is a pioneering institution which treasurers and upholds the unique style of Late Guru Debaprasad Das (founder father of Odissi dance and also Tridhara). The unique flavor of this gharana stems from the genius of Debaprasad Das, who amalgamated a variety of tribal and folk dance elements with the traditional Odissi.

Guru Gajendra’s composition style is refreshingly unique for a variety of reasons, but foremost among them is his masterful use of the “Sabda Swara Pata” which he absorbed, painstakingly and meticulously, from his Guru Debaprasad Das. At the feet of his master and surrogate father, Gaji babu also learned to present his dancers and himself in stunning sculpturesque friezes, which quickly take his audience to the resplendent temple statuary that Orissa is universally acclaimed for. In all that Gaji babu composes, there is to be seen a free flow of the three streams of Odisha’s dance art-tribal, folk and traditional village Odissi – and its brilliant embellishment in stylish execution of rhythm, movement and beautiful static pose.

Artiste 1-Guru Dr.Gajendra Panda 2-Master Prabhutosh Panda 3-Ms.Lima Das 4-Ms.Sudipta Panda 5-Ms.Tejashree Jena 6-Ms.Rasmiprava Sahu 7-Mrs.Pranaya Kumari Panda(Dress and Make-up)

Lamakaan An Open Cultural Space

This event is part of Lamakaan’s 9th Anniversary Celebrations from 8th March to 13th March of 2019. Lamakaan is Hyderabad’s Independent, Open Cultural Center devoted to promotion of inclusiveness, liberal ideas through Literature, Music, Performances, Discussions, Theatre, Workshops, Exhibitions.

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