Dialogue on Elections

Dialogue on Elections
1.5 hrs

March 31, 2019 5:00 pm Sunday

Elections: The Saga of Broken Promises – A Dialogue

The elections in April will commence the 17th Loksabha elections in India. At this crucial juncture, every political party opens its box of schemes to lure the voters. If the bait of schemes did not create the sir that they expected, the latest trick up their wily sleeve is to spread propaganda, jumle baazi.

The history of 16th Loksabha elections has taught us that elections in India are just the never-ending saga of broken promises and of course costly affair too with crores of rupees are being pumped into publicity and promotions.

So as the lead participants of this high voltage political act let us all ask some important questions like: What is that we should recall and assess before voting in these elections?

Does our vote matter? Does NOTA bear any weight?

What should we learn from the broken promises? Should we be voting for the MP or PM? And many more such questions…

Do join us for a Dialogue on the biggest and largest exercise of Indian Democracy.

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