Nartana independent film

Nartana independent film
2.0 hrs

April 27, 2019 7:30 pm Saturday


Nartana An Independent film Introduction Narthana is a one hour independent film directed by Varun sena Reddy, portrays the struggle of a 12 year old girl Narthana (named after dance) blossoming into a beautiful dancer. The major theme of the movie is to glorify Indian Classical Dance that is slowly degenerating and to allow every dancer understand that dance is nobody’s property; it is an ocean of nectar for everybody to drink from. Cast, Crew & Support Directed by: Varun Sena Reddy Produced by: Sandhya Pavan Story: Pavan Chegomma Music by: suresh prasad Cinematography : Sudhakar.A Edited by.Vekanteswarlu K Running Time: 59 min Language: Telugu Casting: Kalakrishna, Jamuna Rayalu, Pavan, Priyanka Bharde & Sree Nartana Film dedicated through: Vagdevi Arts Academy, Hyderabad Film production and release Supported by: Department of Language & Culture, Telangana Government Plot: The plot of the story revolves around a young girl named Narthana who is the daughter of a famous dancer parents, called Shiva Shankar & Padmini. Father, who himself is dancer affects his daughter’s creativity and interest in dancing by constantly deriding her desire to dance and become proficient in it. The girl, however, thrives in the dance form when she has to stay with her maternal grandparents for six months while her parents are away. Her grandfather Kala krishna who was once her father’s Guru (disowned by her father due to disagreement in beliefs about dance) trains her into a gracious dancer par excellence. It is finally proved that any genuine quality of Fine Arts like Dance is never under ownership of only a few…

Pavan kumar . chegomma

Pavan Kumar is a promising Indian classical dancer of Perini Shivatandavam, Ardhanaareshwaram and Andhra Natyam, ancient classical dance forms of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He learnt these dance forms for more than 20 years and exhibits good command over technique as well as abhinaya. He is also well versed with the theory of dance and successfully completed “Diploma in Classical Dance”. Pavan Kumar started learning Andhra Natyam at a young age of 6, from renowned Andhra Natyam exponent, Guru, Scholar and musicologist, Dr. Nataraja Rama Krishna. Coming from a traditional Brahmin family from remote village in Telangana, it wasnt easy to learn classical dance, especially in a generation where Dance was not a male hobby or learning art. Its for his dedication and grit Pavan shifted to Hyderabad and learnt dane from Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna. Everyday he used to travel long distances to reach the dance school. Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna was impressed with his dedication and skill and took him into his able guidance. Pavan is one of the close disciples of Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna and learnt the 2 dance forms Perini, Andhra Natyam in Guru shishya parampara. Looking at Pavans progression both in learning and performances, Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna conceptualised a unique dance item Ardhanaareeshwaram perfect combination of male and female principles of life. The concept was given shape and form by Guru Kala Krishna and was taught to Pavan. Pavan started performing this dance form for past 15 years and has won laurels from art lovers, common man all over the world.

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