Jaat Hi Puchho Sadhu Ki

Jaat Hi Puchho Sadhu Ki
3.0 hrs

May 24, 2019 8:00 pm Friday

A play by KASH Theatre-‘Jaat Hi Puchho Sadhu Ki’ written by a renowned playwright Late Vijay Tendulkar. The performance is a translated version in Hindi by Late Prof. Vasant Dev, which is an out an out hilarious satire. The play is being designed and directed by Subhash Gupta. The play was written somewhere in 1977 and it talks about caste-ism and nepotism which is relevant in today’s times as well. Mahipat Babhruvahan hails from a village. He belongs to a lower caste. His hard work and perseverance enables him to acquire education and land a job as a professor however his caste becomes a stumbling block in his success. He reacts using various means to protect his position resulting in hilarious and adventurous situation.

KASH Theatre

KASH Theatre is a renowned name in Orissa and they are known for their in-house productions. The Hyderabad chapter has staged the below mentioned plays in Hyderabad and have traveled to different cities with their shows. Name of the shows: Botal Arz Hai Pardon Lash’T Wish

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