Pink Floyd–The Wall’

Screening :’Pink Floyd–The Wall’
3.0 hrs

July 26, 2019 7:30 pm Friday


Negligence and isolation leading to an extreme form of alienation of a rock band artist, Pink Floyd – alienated from his audience, from his relations, from the society at large. Alan Parker, director of the film, depicts Pink building a metaphorical wall around himself escaping which only means facing the harsh realities of real life. The live-action of this musical complemented by Gerald Scarfe’s meticulously created animated imagery move from individual alienation to a reactionary mass movement, a wonderful depiction of how the atomization of individuals in this system makes them sick in myriad ways and eventually many such pale-faced alienated individuals constitute the rabid fascist mass ready to act on the whims of their leader. An adaptation of the 1979 music album The Wall, the film has been widely viewed worldwide and subject to studies by scholars from various fields. Hyderabad Cinephiles invites you to watch this masterpiece and participate in a discussion thereafter on the explicit/implicit messages, art, music and other aspects of the film. Save the

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