Duoz For world Peace and Harmony

Duoz For world Peace and Harmony
2.0 hrs

September 01, 2019 7:30 pm Sunday


Indian classical music is the most ancient form of art in India. It’s surreal and sublime.The roots of the classical music of India are found in the Vedic literature and the ancient Natyashastra, the classic Sanskrit text on performance arts by Bharata Muni. There has been very rare and few occasions when Two different kind of classical musicians collaborated together on the same stage. This Ensemble project is one of those miraculous events in the history of classical music which we , the musicians try to infer upon. Let us take the opportunity to introduce a professional Classical,semiclassical Vocalist Pramith Ganguly and a Young Sarod Maestro Srinjoy Mukherjee. Pramith is a senior disciple of Shri.Kaushik Goswami (Disciple of Guru Pt.Ajoy Chakraborty) he’s a professionally and musically trained singer in the fields of Nazrul Geeti, Rabindra Sangeet, Atulprosadi and other forms of music namely Bhajan,Ghazal,Geet ,Bangla Kheyal Other Than Hindustani classical vocal. He’s coming to South India for concerts in the month of August With the very renounced and able young Sarod maestro Srinjoy Mukherjee who is a the master in his field and has immense knowledge in other sectors of music as well ,Srinjoy is the torch bearer of the Great Bangash Gharana . He’s an Able disciple of Ut. Amaan ali Bangash the son of the global sarod icon Ud.Amjad ali khan sahb. They are collaborating for a Cause of World Peace and Harmony.

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