Why I Resigned? by Kannan G

Why I Resigned? by Kannan G
2.0 hrs

September 26, 2019 7:30 pm Thursday

“Why I Resigned?” A talk by Kannan Gopinath, Former IAS Officer

Injustice and curbing of freedom of expression are worth sacrificing the biggest of power positions

Kannan Gopinath stands by democracy and free speech. He was an IAS officer who resigned in protest to the Centre’s clampdown in Kashmir abrogating Article 370 and 35A. He stated, “What triggered my decision is the attempt to mutilate fundamental rights, to silence people. And the situation is that nobody should protest, nobody should raise their voice, raising your voice is not acceptable. The amount of power to silence those who react is tremendous,” In this juncture of history of the country, where speaking truth to power is seen as an attack on the State and its machineries Gopinathan will talk about his experience in the service and his way forward. The shrinking democratic spaces within the administrative bureaucracy and the public sphere with the legitimisation of the rule of law is another aspect democratic aspirants had to deal in the current political scenario.


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