1.0 hrs

December 26, 2019 8:00 pm Thursday

Badlav is an original Hindi play written and directed by Amaan Ahmad. Badlav revolves around Gayatri, Kalpana, Radha, and Bindya. Gayatri wants change but her hypocrisy surfaces all the time. Meanwhile, Kalpana, a carefree girl always brings nihilistic values of life. Radha is air-headed and her naivety mixes with intuition and she is lost in her absurd thoughts most of the time. The play takes various twists and turns and touches the element of the Theatre of Absurdity. This psychological and absurd play has multiple rises and falls.

Amaan Ahmad (The Unknown Pen)

The Unknown Pen is a theatre group based in Hyderabad. It was initially founded as a content writing platform and also a platform where the artists could showcase their original and unique work, by Amaan Ahmad in the year 2009. We are the first theatre group in the city that works majorly on Original plays that belong to the genre of ‘Theatre of the Absurd’. The first play produced by The Unknown Pen is called ‘Skepticism’, a dark psychological play that involves the elements of Surrealism, Existentialism, and Absurdism. Our vision is to revive the theatre culture across the country. Our plays are known for the depth of their content. We aim to stir the minds of the people in terms of philosophy and art.

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