In Memory of Usaa

In Memory of Usaa – A condolence meeting

Sunday, 2nd August 2020,  6pm

This is an ONLINE event.
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Prominent Bahujan visionary and anti-caste activist, U Sambasiva Rao, also known as Usaa died due to the novel coronavirus on 25th July 2020.

Usaa devoted all his life to the dedication, commitment, and upliftment of Dalit Bahujans. He led Dalit struggles like Dalit Maha Saba (a movement formed in the aftermath of Karamchedu massacre), Madiga Dandora movement (a demand to categorize Scheduled Caste), and Rohith Vemula movement.

The 70-year-old activist survived by his only daughter.

The following speakers will speak:
Prof. Kancha Illaiah Shephard
Prof. Srinivasulu
Prof. KY Ratnam
Prof. Padmaja Shaw
Dr. Katti Padma Rao
Khalida Parveen, Social Activist
Moderator: Sujatha Surepally

All are welcome!

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