Post Poll Analysis

  1. Post Poll Analysis

December202018 7:00 pm Thursday

With the results of the 5 state elections declared on 11th December, there is already the bugle sounded for the 2019 General Elections

The Discussion will revolve around the expected near future impact in terms of political alignments, policy and law and order. It will also cover repercussion on the forthcoming general elections.

This will be followed by Q & A session.

The Discussants include:

Prof Kodanram – Prof. Kodandaram is a political activist and political leader. He is the founder of political party Telangana Jana Samithi, which was formed in March 2018. He was also the Chairman of the Telangana Joint Action Committee (T-JAC), which was formed with the goal of achieving a separate Telangana state in India. He retired as a Professor of Political Science from Osmania University.

Prof Vinod Jairath – Prof Jairath has carried out and supervised research in several areas such as Agrarian Structure and Change, Sociology of Science (Scientific Communities), Sociology of Development (Nature of Participation), Popular Culture, and more recently, Muslim Diversity.

Prof K. Srinivasulu – Prof Srinivasulu is an intellect and social activist. He retired as a professor of Political Science, Osmania University.


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