TSRTC strike: Why,What,Who&how?

TSRTC strike: Why,What,Who&how?
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October 31, 2019 7:30 pm Thursday

TSRTC strike – the why, what, who and how? The indefinite strike announced by the unions of TSRTC has taken the state of Telangana and the rest of the country but shock. The demands made by the striking employees were discussed and debated extensively but the confusion still remains. While a number of individuals, organisations and other unions have come out in support of the TSRTC unions, the ruling government remains adamant on not addressing the demands. In this back ground, Sai Ratna Chaitanya, known to everyone as Ratnam will be talking about what the demands are, how strikes in the past have actually impacted and why state transport undertakings need to be financed in a better way. Ratnam is a bus fan and a public transport enthusiast who, along with his friends runs the love of Z blog. Having been a bus fan for many many years, he has also extensively worked on public transportation.

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