1.5 hrs

November 01, 2019 7:30 pm Friday

The play revolves around a clinic that is run by a lady doctor who is a smart business woman with only one or two regular patients yet making a comfortable living. The patients on the other hand who visits has a different motive and end up coming injured and don’t mind spending heavily on her fees. The compounder to add up the spice is a hopeless romantic and a roadside shayar, who makes continuous efforts to win the lady love or to be precise “any lady’s love”. Will the compounder succeeds or the Cop from opposite police station will have a upper hand or patient wins the heart will be hilarious to watch. The play is a compilation of jokes put together in a story form adding music and dance to spice it up. OlLolomatta is a word that is commonly used by Core Hyderbadis which means “don’t mind, its a joke”

Rafia Sultana

I had hosted a play back in 2012 named “Pyar ke Gurd Gobar Ghutale” and also have hosted classical performances by classical Hindustani singer Mrs. Lalitha. I am the writer and director of the play “OlLolomatta” which is a comedy and have put in an effort to make it as much entertaining as possible by adding music and dance to it. I may also request for few paid rehearsals before the show date. I will be sending the image soon. Kindly approv

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